Gotta Love my Kids’ Honesty!

My kids are kind of like me and they will tell it like it is.  I will tell it like it is, but not if it will make somebody feel uncomfortable or offend somebody.  My oldest thought she was being funny I guess and started telling me (and others) that I am getting fat.  Oh yes she did! No I don’t see myself as being overweight, tho I do have a little bit of a “mommy tummy.”   But she poked my belly and felt the little bit of jiggle there.  So she thought it was funny to start telling people that I was getting fat and that I have a belly – and also poke it to prove it.  I thought it was a little bit comical since I do not get embarrassed, but I explained why she shouldn’t do that to anybody!

My youngest really cracks me up sometimes, at least when it is about me and not somebody else.  I did seem to make her understand that she needs to be careful with what she says to and about others tho.  We were all at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  I was sitting at the table outside with the sun shining in my hair, enjoying the day.  She comes up to me, starts looking through my hair and then stands in front of me.  With a serious look on her face, she said “Mom, you have white in your hair.  Does that mean you are getting old?” I couldn’t help but laugh and the rest of the family had to laugh too.  It was quite funny the way she said it!

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