Trying to Stop Using Normal Shampoo

Shampoos have been said to have many harmful toxins in them lately, including cancer causing agents.  I do not know for a fact, but I have been reading various articles about concerns with the ingredients in the shampoos.

I was looking to see about natural shampoos and did not end up trying any of the ideas right away. I heard of making shampoo with castile soap and everything.  I also heard of using olive oil for a conditioning agent.  I was not sure about trying these, especially the olive oil which sounds greasy!

I ended up continuing to use the shampoo and conditioner up until Tuesday.  I was reading Simply Mom, a really helpful Mommy blog, and she was talking about going shampoo free.  Her homemade “shampoo” was so simple and cheap that it sounded crazy at first.  I was not sure when I first started to read her article and when she said that your hair may feel a little greasy in the beginning until your hair gets used to it, I was really on the edge of trying it.

But then I read through her whole article and it made a lot of sense.  With water and 2 simple cooking ingredients, apple cider vinegar and baking soda, you can make your own shampoo and conditioner.  I started this on Tuesday and my hair is already starting to feel better.  It is still a little frizzy, but not bad and it is better then when I first tried this on Tuesday.  She did say it could take a couple weeks of your hair adapting, but then it will be incredible compared to the chemical shampoo and conditioners.  I am believing it because I am seeing a difference already!

Also note that me, the idiot that I can be, forgot to buy the apple cider vinegar.  I opted to try the red wine vinegar as an experiment which is working, but I will definitely be buying the apple cider vinegar at the store within the next day or two.

This method will save you money and also the harsh chemicals from shampoo and conditioner.  It is working so far here 🙂

This is how she explains her switch to being shampoo free.  Read her whole post as you can see why this really works and she also has over 1100 comments from people, many sharing their experience with this method.


I will keep you posted on how well I am doing with my new ways of washing my hair too, but loving how soft my hair is at the moment 🙂

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