Great Back to School Sales

As much as I don’t want to admit it, summer break is coming close to an end.  It seems like summer went way too fast this year! I have been looking at school clothes and supplies the last couple days to see where we will do our shopping this year and I think I will be going to 3 stores.  Fortunately for us, these 3 stores are close together but I will list a few stores that are having great sales this week for our back to school needs.
I have found that Walmart has the cheapest prices on all of the things you will need, but I don’t usually buy clothes from there myself.  At least not many clothes, sometimes an outfit or 2.  Walmart is the cheapest I have found for notebooks, pencils, bookbags and all the needed things.  Clothes we buy at Kohl’s usually because we love the clothes there.

Some of the stores having the best sales that I have found (please note that you may have different local stores having better deals):

Walmart – for anything you need, as much as I do not like Walmart they do have good sales for back to school.  They have many things on sale at the moment.

Kohl’s – Keep a lookout for a $10 gift card in the mail.  Not everybody does receive them, I am not sure how they figure the mailing list.  But if you often do get them, you will probably be getting one soon.  Kohl’s has a nice selection of 2 piece outfits on sale for a reasonable price too so this makes it affordable.  Check out their back to school sales here: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/ourbrands/backtoschool.jsp.  They are running their Kohl’s Cash right now through August 23rd too which is great – for every $50 you spend, you get $10 to spend for a future trip.  For an extra 10% off use the code (can be used with one other department specific code also for extra savings): UBLOGTEN.  

Target – They do not have the best sale of clothes, but I did find some really cute clothes at a very reasonable price.  Some of the dresses were on sale for a nice price! They also have some nice boys clothes on sale here too.

Justice – Justice is a store for girls.  They are having a 40% off everything online or in store now through August 13th.  They are not the cheapest either, but have very stylish clothes for girls and the whole store is on sale now so they are reasonably priced.

Brothers – This is a store that is like Justice only it is for boys.  We don’t have one by us here, but they have an online store as well.  We won’t be going here because we don’t have boys to buy clothes for 🙂  Both Justice and Brothers can be accessed through http://www.shopjustice.com.

Sears – Sears has some really nice clothes on sale too.  They also are offering a $10 cash back for $50 spent.  So if you spend $50 on your back to school clothes, you get $10 for a future purchase. I love these kind of deals! Free money really.

This is a short list of some of the places I have found that are having good back to school sales at this time.  Please feel free to leave any back to school sales you find in the comments below for readers to find!

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