Happy 4th of July :)

What will you be doing this 4th of July? We are going to my Aunt’s house as we do every year.  It won’t be a big picnic this year tho.  I remember years ago on the 4th we had some big family picnics that would last past midnight! Oh the good ole days 🙂

It looks like we will be having pork chops, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Of course some salads and hopefully my Aunt’s homemade baked beans – yummy! I made a bacon and ranch macaroni salad and also bringing a strawberry pretzel dessert.

When going to a picnic, do you always bring a favorite dish and is so what is it? I am often asked to bring Hawaiian kielbasa, but this year we are not having a big picnic to bring too much food.

I have been a little busy lately and hopefully all will settle down after tomorrow.  I was going to have my daughter do another post today, but she ended up having a sleepover at Grandma’s.

Happy 4th of July 🙂 Have some fun and eat some great food!

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  • Dawn Conklin

    Hi MariaAna 🙂
    Thank you! It has been a tradition to go to my Aunt's house, but my Uncle has battled some recent health problems and is not up for a huge picnic. I am glad that we can at least have a small picnic with him this year.

  • in the coop

    We'll be heading to Ohio for my dad's big 4th of July party, being held on July 7 this year, as everyone comes from out of town. It's my dad's favorite day of the year. My deviled eggs are always a hit, but I am always tagged to bring desserts for kids, too. Being that half of the grandchildren come from my family, that only makes sense! Have a great day at your aunt's house!

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