Happy Father’s Day Dads :)

Today is the day to thank Dad for all he has done and does do for you and the family.  Of course we should thank him more times then once a year, but it is especially important to do something special to say “thank you Dad.”

Dad’s are all unique and they all have their own special qualities.  Some Dad’s are smart, some are funny, some are awesome and some are all of the above.  Dad’s are special to us in their own way with their own traits.

My Dad has taught me many things growing up and still teaching me things even tho I am an adult (I could write a book about all he taught me.) He is a very smart guy! He is also funny, fun loving, brave and adventurous.  Most of all he is all around awesome and I will be calling him today to let him know all this.

When I asked our kids what they loved about Dad, they came up with a few words.  They said Dad is amazing, funny, cool, special, awesome and the best 🙂 We put all this on a picture today so when he sees it, he will know exactly how special he is to them!

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads! Hope you have a wonderful and fun day with the kids today 🙂

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