Can You Guess This Picture?

Can you guess what this is?
source: http://www.dawnconklin.com

Can you guess what this picture is of? It is funny how when you are trying to take a really cool picture it doesn’t always turn out too well.  When you are trying to just take a still picture, something cool can happen!

We were at the park along the river and I wanted to take a picture of the sky as they sky was a cool color with the clouds.  The color of the sky didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped, but something else really cool happened!

When I first saw it after I took it, I kind of bugged out thinking there was something wrong with my phone.  I quickly realized that nothing was wrong with my phone.  I happened to catch something at the exact moment.

Do you have any idea what may possibly have caused this to happen to my picture? Well this is how it happened.  I was trying to get the shot of the clouds and the river.  I suddenly saw this come up on the phone after I took the picture and thought I had a problem with the phone! My daughter was standing next to me and before I could get out the words “what happened,” she said a _____ just flew by.  I laughed and thought it was an awesome picture knowing that there is no problem my phone 🙂

Oh yeah, you are waiting to see what the ____ is, right? Ok, the flying object that caused this is none other then a lightning bug! This is a lightning bug in motion and lit up.  Cool, huh?


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