All Natural Cleaning With Castile Soap

Peppermint Castile Soap that we bought
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A couple weeks ago I had talked about using castile soap for cleaning for the first time.  At that time I was just learning about it and now that I have been cleaning with it, I love it! I have been using it all over the house and it smells great too, we got the peppermint.  In case if you missed my previous post about it, castile soap is an all natural soap that can be used to clean instead of harsh chemicals.  Really awesome stuff too 🙂

I have used it on:

The kitchen walls, but please note that I do not have painted walls in the kitchen.  I did get some on a painted surface with no problem here, but always test a patch on a small place that will not be seen.

My bathroom and kitchen floors which are linoleum and it worked great!

My counters

My sinks and toilet

The fridge

My stove – but I haven’t scrubbed my oven with it, this is spot cleaning.  I would need to use baking soda to scrub I am sure.

Stains on my carpets

Spray bottle for the soap and water mix
photo credit: http://www.dawnconklin.com

Yeah, I used it for many things! It has worked great for all of these things, this will be the only stuff besides vinegar and baking soda that I will need to clean.  Well I didn’t use it on my windows and do still need to create a homemade window cleaner 🙂

I didn’t actually measure the amount of castile soap I put into the water, but for the floors (yes I scrub the floors with a sponge) I used my bucket with probably about a gallon of water to I would guess about 2 tablespoons or so of soap (no worries if it is not exact measure.)  No need to rinse.  I don’t know about all floors, so you may want to test your floor first.  There are no harsh chemicals, no chemicals at all so you should be ok.  I would still test to be sure.  DO NOT mix vinegar with the soap mix.  I did not try it, but I was told that the combination of castile soap and vinegar can leave a slight film on anything you clean.  Use them separate.

I also made a spray bottle mix with water and a little castile soap mixed in.  The spray bottle is perfect for when I clean the counters, sinks or anything else! Make sure that you use a new spray bottle and not one from a chemical that you rinsed.  I got mine from Home Depot, they are cheap.


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