How Will You Spend Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Flags
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Memorial Day has become a day where many people have off of work and people across the USA get their grills ready and have a big cookout.  Some people forget what Memorial Day is really about! It is not about cooking out or having a day off of work.  Tho it is nice to have a day off and don’t get me wrong, we will be cooking out here too.

Memorial Day is really to honor veterans and all men and women who put our freedom before their own lives.  The men and women who were brave enough to stand up for and fight for our country.  Please remember all of these fine people who fought for us and the many who also died fighting for us.  They are more brave then I.  Yes I consider myself to be a brave person, but not as brave as them.  I personally never served in the military or any branch.

Remember all veterans and all they did to defend our country and allow you to have the freedom we have in our country.  They are awesome men and women and I have a world of respect for them!

How will you spend Memorial Day? Will you be cooking out or will you also honor veterans on Monday? We attend the local event and parade every year.  They honor those who are serving, those who served and those who lost their lives defending our country.  It is a nice tribute with a parade that ends by the river.  They usually set off the cannons, have a plane fly over head and have small mock battleship float down the river.  I am proud to go each year to honor all the brave men and women!

To all who has fought or is fighting for our country:

I thank you for your bravery, you are a stronger person then I.  Thank you for standing up for our country and defending our freedom.  I am proud of each and every one of you.  If you are still serving now, I wish you a safe return home and to be reunited with your family and friends.

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    This Memorial Day was a lot different for me than it has been in the past. A family friend, SSG Joe Altmann was KIA on Christmas Day 2011 in Afghanistan. It was a very emotional Memorial Day for all of us…you will never get forgotten Joe, a true hero!

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