Early Mother’s Day Gift

To me the best gift for Mother’s Day is a gift that my kids made or did for me.  This is something they are so proud of to give me.  I had just posted that all I wanted for Mother’s Day is a homemade gift or something similar and tonight they were able to plant me a flower in the biodegradable pots.  So I can put them in the garden in a couple days.  I will wait a couple days tho so I don’t shock them since they were just planted into the pots.  Both my girls were so proud to hand me a flower that they actually put the soil around.  Of course it made my day to get these tonight 🙂

My Mother’s Day Flowers
source: http://www.dawnconklin.com

They did this in girl scouts, one of the great things that the girl scouts do with the girls.  They are in different troops, but often they visit each others meetings.  Since I got the one thing I wanted for Mother’s Day, I may have to go for my second want and see if I get that too! No worries, I am not expecting anything expensive but yet it is asking too much.  I just want Mother’s Day to be a day with no sister fights.  I know I am asking a lot on that one, but hey I already got my one want.  
What do you want for Mother’s Day this year?


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