Spring Break is Over!

Hi everybody 🙂 Sorry for the craziness and lack of posts last week.  The kids were home for over a week and we were doing a lot of family things.  I know I missed the Friday’s blog of the week last week and I apologize for this too.  We took a trip and we were out of town for a couple of days.

What did you do on spring break? We had a lot of fun here! In the beginning we colored Easter Eggs and I made Peanut Butter Eggs.  They turned out pretty good for being the first time making them.  I picked the wrong peanut butter to use tho.  It is good peanut butter, just too thick to make eggs with.  I know this for next time.

We did a lot of walking as we always do when the weather gets nice.  We all love to take walks together as a family, the kids get disappointed when we don’t have time for it.  The weather was not as nice as it could have been, but we made use of the days anyway.

Family road trips can be a lot of fun.  We took a family road trip Friday to see Pop Pop.  My Dad, the kids’ Pop Pop.  They had a lot of fun and of course Pop Pop is always happy to see us 🙂 We did some cool things while visiting for the couple days as we always do when we visit.  Of course by the end of Spring Break, I was ready for some relaxation which is what I did yesterday.  I was wiped out from everything we did in a short amount of time!

How did you spend Spring Break?

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