Dick Clark Dies of Heart Attack at 82

I had heard late last night that Dick Clark died of a heart attack.  A sad day for many who have memories of him, he has touched many people’s hearts.  He has been in entertainment since before I was born, so my whole life I remember watching him in the various shows he has done.  He was always a cool guy on TV and seemed almost like the guy next door when you watched him on TV.

I have never met him and do not know his real personality, but he seemed to be a caring, cool and funny guy.  I thought it was very cool that he continued to do the New Year’s Rockin Eve after the stroke he had suffered.  To me, it was like showing the public that he was still here for us.  I watched him every year bringing us into the New Year.

Dick Clark had many things that he did with his career from helping musicians to hosting popular game shows.  I have always had a lot of respect for Dick Clark for all that he has done and accomplished.  It was a sad day when hearing of his stroke (was not a minor stroke), but it was nice to see that he was not letting it stop him.

I couldn’t believe it last night and had chills go down my body when I had heard the news that Dick Clark died from a massive heart attack.  He will definitely be missed by everybody.  May he Rest in Peace.

You will not be forgotten!
 Dick Clark- November 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012

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