This Show is Way too Funny

So we were flipping though channels and came across a show on truTV that we really enjoy.  We didn’t change the channel as soon as it went off so we happened to catch this show that almost had us in stitches! Now this show is not really for kids, no nudity just not quite for them.  It is called Impractical Jokers.  It is an odd sense of humor, some may like it and some may not.  I could not help it, I was cracking up!

If you have truTV and like to laugh at some crazy humor, check this show out after the kids go to bed.  There is no violence, don’t think people get hurt when I say crazy humor.  It is a big competition between four guys.  They all have to play the same role one at a time and the other 3 are out of site and telling the guy whose turn it is what to say.  They may play a White Castle employee and have to say or do off the wall things to the customer.  They are saying crazy things they are told to and they have to try to get a tip from the customer.  That was just an example, the show was so funny.

Impractical Jokers is worth checking out if you get truTV and want to have a few laughs.

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