Kids Say Some Funny Things

Kids have their moments where you just can’t help but laugh at what they say or do.  Of course their innocence makes it that much better.  Well I have written an article in the past called My Kids Said What? about some of the funny things my kids have said and now it is time for some more.  These are cute and innocent moments.  Nothing embarrassing as the others were in the other article.  Both of my kids had said things here but I will just refer to daughter for each as these are conversations between me and one at a time.

Daughter: Mom your weird…wait, does it run in the family?
Mom: Yes, don’t worry it will happen to you too. (jokingly)

Daughter: Your a stranger, I am not talking to you.
Mom: Perfect, this means I don’t have to make you dinner.
Daughter: Wait yes you do.
Mom: No I am a stranger, you may not trust my cooking.
Daughter: Oh wait I was just kidding 🙂

Daughter: Mom we have to go to Ireland one day.
Mom: Ok, why is that dear?
Daughter: So you can catch me a leprechaun.
Mom: Oh really?
Daughter: Yes they have a pot of gold.

I have found the solution to the famous one they pull, “Mom I am not talking to you.”  Take note my kids are not teenagers yet.  My oldest pulled this one day.  So I was trying to get her to say something.  She wrote on a piece of paper-I am still not talking to you.  Before she stopped talking to me she had asked for ice cream.  This was perfect as I asked her sister if she wanted ice cream.  They both come running in.  I asked which flavor and I got the sign – yeah the I am still not talking to you sign.  So I put the ice cream back and told her she needed to tell me what flavor.  She pointed, I told her I could not hear her.  She pointed (I looked away) and again I told her I could not hear her.  Finally she slipped and said “COOKIES AND CREAM” -yes just about like that.  The caps do mean yelling.  Then she got mad because I made her talk.  But I cracked the code that works for them 🙂


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