Why Isn’t my Tax Refund Here Yet?

Many people have been waiting for their refund to come in.  Direct deposit is the fastest option to get your tax refund, but many people have been asking why the IRS is taking so long.  I have heard people blame Turbo Tax, the IRS and other tax software they may have used.  First off I want to say that I am not a professional tax person and I do not work for or have any association with the IRS (besides being a taxpayer.)

It is to my understanding that the IRS has a new software system this year.  It is added protection against fraud.  This is what I have read from the IRS.  With this new system, they had some delays with various reasons.  Also some people have noticed that their estimated direct deposit date has been changed from the original date they were given.  To my understanding they are doing what they are able to do to catch these returns up and get everybody their refund as quickly as possible.

Tho I do not work for any tax preparation company and I do not work for the IRS, I had read a lot of complaints about this.  I heard many people saying they have been calling the IRS a couple times a day!! The IRS is not out to fraud you out of your money, I promise you on that one.  They really only give an estimated date of direct deposit and not a guaranteed date.  Too many things can delay your refund such as errors and even the system believing there is a reason to manually review your return.  Please do not give them a hard time.  They are people doing a job (and face it, there are many people who do not like the IRS for some reason or another-I am not one of them), they are hard working people trying to make sure that the people are getting what they legitimately are entitled to.  They are keeping the tax payers and the government from being fraud victims with this new software.

I can only imagine what some people are saying to these people who work for them.  I feel bad for them, I really do! I wouldn’t want their job at all.  Please, if you do call them to check on a refund, remember they are people who are doing a job the best they can.  If you call them, try to make their day with a friendly thank you or something nice.  Seriously, I think they deserve some nice words during a time of people panicking over their refund checks.

I also see many people blaming Turbo Tax.  I use them every year and have never had any problems with them.  They are cheaper then going to a professional and they walk you through everything.  As far as I can see, this is mainly a software change and increase in having to manually review some claims that have help up tax refunds.  Be patient, even if you need the money right away.  Panicking is only going to cause yourself stress.

I am sure your tax refund will be here soon (if you already filed.)  I just felt I had to post this blog post to help everybody relax just a little.  Or at least to remember that anybody you call about this is human and trying to work this out as quickly as possible.  I have read some very nasty comments from people upset about not having their refund yet and I am hoping they were not this nasty to anybody they talked to.  Just please make sure to be friendly with anybody you talk to.  The IRS is NOT out to cheat you out of your money they owe you.

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  • Geoff Granfield

    Numerous taxpayers realize its routine method for preparers to exaggerate their tax write offs and credits with the intention to receive larger refunds. While many could very well be of the opinion that this method is "no big deal," the federal government obviously considers it is, and refers to this method tax scam. Don't let yourself be misled; it is definitely deemed tax fraud by the federal government. This type of filing is deemed thieving from the United States government, and therefore the IRS may well consider the fraud significant enough to bring to court. Never allow tax preparers persuade you to ultimately go along with this type of tax filing. Try to remember, they won't be required to pay because of it, you will certainly. Learn more about this process in this article: http://www.tax-defense-network-collection-action.com/collection-action/tax-defense-network-irs-criminal-investigation/

  • Dawn Conklin

    Hi Geoff,

    I am not a tax expert myself and must rely on tax professionals. It is sad if they talk people into claiming more then what they should. I am quite careful with what I would even think about mentioning as a deduction.

    I actually use the tax software, so yes I do it myself but technically with the help of professionals who designed the software.

    Thank you for visiting, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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