Getting Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

Green pepper from our garden, the kids now love peppers!

Kids can be fussy when it comes to vegetables.  My girls have had friends eat with us that just do not like them.  I mean told me they would not even try them! No way, not happening period.  I looked into other things that their friends did like (such as cheese or butter and garlic) and I prepared vegetables with dinner.  They saw my kids eating them and they decided to try the vegies.  Voila, they like the vegetables!
When I told their parents, they couldn’t believe it.  How did you do it? My kids ate what? These were what I was asked.  I have simple tips that helped me to get my kids to eat them all.  Seriously, my older daughter eats all but asparagus and lima beans.  My younger daughter eats every vegetable but lettuce and spinach.  Not sure what the problem with lettuce is, but she eats all others so I do not push it.
I recently wrote an article about how I got them to eat vegetables.  Trust me, my kids went through the I don’t like this and I won’t eat that.  We overcame that and at young ages, they are willing to eat just about all.  They are also willing to give things they don’t like another try when prepared differently.  This has made a big difference!
My article is here (there is nothing to buy, I just don’t write the same content on different places)- How I Got My Kids to Eat Vegetables

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