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In between all of my other tasks, we like to relax and go to the casinos.  We have our options and there are a couple we frequent more then others because they are closer.  We do like the Atlantic City Casinos but it is a further drive then to go to Sands or Mount Airy Casino.

Mount Airy was not my favorite casino, tho they do have a few machines that I like playing that other casinos do not have.  They do have fun machines and there is a nice clean atmosphere inside.  More recently, I have started to dislike Mount Airy Casino.  This is for many reasons and really has nothing to do with if I personally win there.  Tho it is nice to win personally, if I see others winning then I know that it is possible in the place.  I have not really seen people winning at Mount Airy Casino much lately and as a matter of fact I have heard many people complaining about the casino lately.  But people do complain for various reasons so I base this on my opinion.

As I said, I don’t base it on my own winning so when reading this do not think that I am just “mad at them”  because of not winning.  The second to last time I was there I was winning and still have this opinion of them.

When I first started going to Mount Airy Casino, it took me forever to get any kind of players rewards on my players club card.  This is kind of an insult when you go there and play often.  I finally started to get $10 in free play.  This must have been a big step for them and I get more at any other casino then $10.  I was amazed that one month they increased my free play to $15! Still less then I get at other places but wow, they were moving up a little.  The complimentary dollars at Mount Airy is a horrible set up.  I never earned more then $2 in comp dollars when playing there.  Even on days of betting higher amounts all day.  You probably have to spend thousands (take note that is plural) in order to think about getting a free meal there! This is the only casino I have never got a free meal from so I am guessing it takes a lot of money spent to earn it.

Ok so now that we were up to $15 and to me it was still an insult, but they do have a couple of machines that I enjoy so I was taking the trip out there to play.  Now after betting more, I got dropped down to $5 in free slot play.  What the heck is Mount Airy thinking? Seriously, this is a big insult.  So I emailed them.  I had read (I can only assume it is true but not positive) that they wanted to tap into the NJ and NY market for casino players.  I stated in the email that their program for rewards was horrible and that they should consider offering people more to bring them in.  Even just a little more! I also wanted to know what had happened that my free play got reduced, even tho it wasn’t much before the decrease.  I am surprised to say, I had not received a response from them.  Does this mean they really do not care about their customers? They should if they are interested in money!

I am not alone with the decrease.  I was talking to others that I occasionally see there and they too said they have not seen anybody winning there and that their free play got decreased as well.  One person had told me her free play went from $150 down to $55.  I don’t just go to get free play, but if you want people to come back you should treat them a little better then this!

Another problem with Mount Airy Casino is that you don’t really get the help you need from the staff on the floor.  There are times I have been in a section for 2 hours and never saw a drink server.  I have asked guys in suits that are floating around if there are any servers available and they tell me “somebody will be around.”  Yeah right, then you still wait with nobody coming.  If you ask somebody in other casinos for a server, they go get you one right away.  I know, I used to be a cocktail server in Atlantic City.

If you plan on going to Mount Airy, just take this in mind.  I am not attached to any casino, I am just a player who really lost their taste for Mount Airy Casino for the reasons stated.  These are my biggest complaints here and I am looking to see what is going on.  If you plan on playing at Mount Airy, there are a lot of fun slot machines there but I have just been dissatisfied with the players card rewards.  I am going to discuss with them the drinks too.  There are times that management is not aware of some of the problems like the drinks on the floor, it may be a matter of me making somebody aware!

I would like to add this edited note: My first contact attempt was December 26th and this post was written on January 5th.  At that time I had not heard back from them, but I think maybe my attempt for contact had gotten lost.  I believe this because I had contacted them again on Saturday February 11th and a nice gentleman had contacted me Monday February 13th.  I did not get to return his phone call right away with the kids being home and we were out of town a lot that week.  I did call back and we scheduled a day that was a better day to talk about it.  I wanted to add this as he was quick to respond and I wanted people to know this, especially since when I originally posted this I had not heard back.

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