Making Homemade Bread Tonight

There is no bread like homemade bread.  It really is the best out of the oven, still warm and the butter melting on it! My Aunt often makes her own homemade bread to go with dinner when you eat at her house.  Now my Aunt is also an excellent cook and everything she makes is good!

I have been thinking about making my own homemade bread for a while now but never ended up trying to until today.  I decided today was the day to try it.  It can’t be that hard right? Seems easy so far.  I made the dough and kneaded it into a smooth and elastic dough ball.  It is now sitting in a greased bowl rising-hope for the best for me!

The recipe I used which sounds really good is this one here: Country White Bread.  It is listed on All Recipes which is free to get recipes and I have had a great success with many of the recipes I got off of here.  I set up my own recipe box with all the good recipes I gained and I also found some new favorite recipes! There is a supporting membership too but I am a free member and supporting membership is really for people who want to create their own recipes and blogs on the site.  No need to purchase anything if you are just looking up recipes.  I am not an affiliate of All Recipes so I receive no compensation for suggesting them whatsoever, I just really enjoy the site 🙂

Wish me luck with my bread!!

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