Shopping on Black Friday-Not This Girl

How many people are out shopping today on Black Friday? I am not sure what the numbers are but I know there are too many people out shopping today! Black Friday is the day when everybody claims to get these great deals, people fight over merchandise and spend more money then what they would if it wasn’t Black Friday.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Some people won’t believe me and some will agree.

Black Friday is the big shopping day to kick off the holiday shopping.  Supposedly stores have wonderful sales and they open super early (way to early for this girl to be awake shopping!) Thing is, some of the stores have marked up (yes marked up) prices so when they give you that big percentage off-it looks like you are really getting a big deal but in fact not much of a deal.  If you keep a close eye on prices during the year and then see the price on Black Friday, you may be amazed.

People spend more money they normal by shopping on Black Friday.  You see all these “deals” on various things, think you are saving so much money and don’t feel guilty with buying more stuff then what you were going to buy.  Sometimes people buy things they will never use on Black Friday because it was a “great deal.”

Too much fighting on Black Friday.  There are people that get way out of control in the stores.  It is like people fighting for a slot machine the day Sands in Atlantic City shut down and had to pay every big jackpot.  To me, it is not worth going out and fighting over a toy or any other item in the store.  You know what? It will be in stock again next time you are in the store and it probably won’t be that much more expensive.  People have been trampled to death on Black Friday-so not worth it!!

I will be spending the day with the kids getting the house ready for Christmas.  Much safer and costs much less 🙂

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