Snow for Halloween!

I planned on making my Halloween cookies today (Saturday.)  I usually make them a couple days before Halloween.  We are now getting hit with a snow storm in the end of October!! I have made Christmas cookies with it snowing but have never made Halloween cookies in the snow.  I have to make sure to remember to get out the Halloween cookie cutters and not the Christmas cookie cutters… haha.  No seriously tho, this is something that is very unusual for us.  As much as I enjoy the snow, I am not sure I am ready for snow just yet.  It is already snowing here now so it is a reality that we will get snow for Halloween.  At least it is not real cold yet so it should be melted before trick or treating.  At least we hope!
I am just hoping that we get snow for Christmas this year, if this is a start to the amount of snow we will be getting this year-it may be possible.  Have you ever seen snow for Halloween? I can’t remember ever having it for Halloween.

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