Getting Rid of My Sinus Infection

Paranasal sinusesImage via WikipediaOk so the time of the year has come for my sinuses to start acting up.  I love the fall but the change of the weather usually gives me a sinus headache for a couple days.  Usually nothing that some cold and sinus medicine doesn’t fix.
The key word there is USUALLY! I have been quite sick for the past week now.  Of course I have not been to the Dr yet as many people who know me would believe! It is a sinus infection.  I have had them in the past and I am familiar with the symptoms.  No fun tho! If I don’t feel better in a couple days, I will go to the Dr so no worries.
Ways I have been fighting this crazy sinus infection:
Using sea salt mixed with a little bit of warm water and making it more of a paste.  This is going to sound rough but it is not as bad as it sounds-tho it does burn.  I put a q-tip in the mix and then place it up my nostril.  I have read that it helps and since it is a natural remedy that cannot hurt I tried it.  It does help to clear the sinuses out! Only thing is, my sinuses are creating more to replace the gunk that already drained!

The other thing besides lots of water is I have been using apple cider vinegar.  Now this is worst then the salt concoction.  Taking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a couple times a day.  It really does not taste good, I cannot sugar coat this! It tastes absolutely horrible but I have been getting a little better each day now.

I still do not feel great but I have been trying to stay away from some of the decongestants unless I absolutely need them.  I get sinus infections and have been for years (tho not every year) so I am quite familiar with my body’s reaction.  Sometimes sinus infections do require medicine such as an antibiotic and sometimes an antibiotic will not help.  Only a Dr can tell you after seeing you so please do not think that I am telling you not to go to the Dr! I always try home things first as sometimes it helps but if I am not better within a week to week and a half or I get worse, I will be at the Dr.  If you have a fever with a sinus infection, you should definitely see your Dr.

Signs I know I have a sinus infection:
Bad pressure in the face for a couple of days, not really responding as a usual sinus headache
Possible fever
Nose congested more then with a regular sinus headache
When I blow my nose, it is more green coming out- not white or clear
Very nasty taste in my mouth when it drips down
Coughing some phlegm up

These are not all symptoms but these are what I typically experience when I have one.

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