We Were Hit By Hurricane Irene

We were in the direct path of Hurricane Irene.  Our whole family was prepared for the storm ahead of time-I wrote an article on things we did to prepare for Hurricane Irene.  We got a lot of rain here and we did see wind here.  We are still getting wind gusts but we did not see as much wind as some did from the storm.  Our major concern now is the Delaware River which is supposed to flood it’s banks.  I will be taking pictures later today and again tomorrow of the river.  It won’t crest until tomorrow (Monday.)  I am hoping that everybody is ok from the storm! I am just glad that it has been downgraded for the people who are still in it’s path.
They are beginning to evacuate around here in low lying areas but we should be just out of the flooding.  The house sits up high.  If you try to contact me with questions and you do not hear back from me right away, please be patient.  It just means that something from the storm is preventing me from using the computer.
Pictures will be posted on my photo blog after taking them.  I am just waiting for the wind and rain to stop to walk down to the river.  Stay safe!

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