Wela Has Changed My Life

When I first started with Wela, I started more for health reasons.  I was working from home doing various things including my blogs and writing articles, I also tried other businesses.  It was the health problems that made me realize that I needed to work at home full time and that I probably wouldn’t be able to return to my job I had out of the home.  I was having minor health problems and it was bringing my energy down. Having minor health problems can make you feel all around worn down especially if you let it.  First the health problems themselves can bring down your energy but then you can sink into feeling horrible.

I started feeling a little depressed and also a level of anxiety with all the testing I went through.  It can take a lot out of you going to Dr after Dr and test after test.  My energy levels went down and I just really didn’t feel well, I had also put on a couple of extra pounds at that time.  After tests and treatments, I started to feel better but still drained and just not the same as I did before all of it started.

I kept hearing about the company Wela and was not sure about them at first due to past experiences with another company.  One day I was talking with a friend of mine on a business social site and he was talking about how well he was doing with business.  I asked him more information about his business and he had told me more.  I checked out his site and saw the Slimberry product that was supposed to be good for regaining energy and burning fat.  It is all natural and I thought it sounded like the perfect thing I needed at the moment! I took the tour and signed up.  I was very excited about my new business but was more interested in the product at first.  Once I started to take the Slimberry product, I realized how great it was and I started to share the product and the business with others! I had to test it out first.

Since starting in November, I have lost the couple extra pounds I put on and I regained a lot of my energy. I feel up to going to a gym and working out again! I also recover from my workouts better now.  My muscles are not so sore after.  It has been a wonderful adventure with my new business! I have also had the opportunity to help others to build their business when they choose to work with me.  I am building residual income for my family and my body has been feeling much better while doing it.

And this is how my Wela business all started.  Check out more information about starting a business with us at Wela.
Here is more information about the Slimberry product, it is a hot product for weight loss and energy!

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