Why I Started my Businesses

I do many things in my life.  I am a work at home Mom who does a lot for and with the kids.  My businesses were built for my kids.  For starters, they were built for immediate income.  Then in the long run, my kids are learning from me running my own business.  When they get a little older, I will get them more involved in the business.  Have them do some work for the business to teach them responsibilities and also to give them some business skills.  They can in turn take over business when I get older or they will at least have the knowledge to start their own business.
I think this is important! More importantly my businesses gave me the chance to be home with them more now.  It means a lot to them for me to be here and not out in a long day job out of the house.  I will be posting the exact businesses that I work daily in another post and will also be adding them to my sidebar.  Many people know me from my work at home blog and know that I have many businesses listed there.  I do not currently run all of them tho.  They are just businesses that I have tried and found to be legit.  Once I know they are legit, I post them to give people a nice variety to choose from as not everybody wants to do the same thing!

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